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Date: January 7, 2018

Talien is a road movie that tells the story of Aldo and Elia.
Aldo is 60 years old, he is Moroccan, his name is Abdelouahaba and lived in Italy since the last thirty-six years; Elijah is his son, his arabic name is Ilyes, he is 34 years old and he lived Italy since the last 33 years.
Sometimes they speak in local Italian dialect, sometimes in Italian, sometimes in Arabic. After many years of sacrifice, the two succeeded in transforming an old military truck into a camper, a unique vehicle. In January 2016 the caravan is finally ready to face the road. Aldo wants to leave Italy and go back to Morocco. Elijah decides to take this trip with his father; it is unclear why his father wants to go back and on the other hand Aldo does not understand what are the future plans of his son. This is the beginning of a journey that will bring our protagonists from Italy to Morocco through France and Spain. Talien is a road movie that recalls the journey that thirty years before Aldo had to do but in the opposite direction. Almost forty years ago Aldo decided to look for luck in Italy and to do so he had to face endless challenges and difficulties in seeking a life that he could satisfy himself and his family; today tells this trip to his son as they travel to Morocco.

However, the theme of immigration is only the background of this film that also investigates the relationship between a father and a child; a universal but at the same time unique story that lives in the past, in present and in future.
Their journey touches the symbolic resorts that have marked Aldo’s past and are inspired by stories of important moments that are partly unclear to Elijah. At the same time, however, the two go deep in their relationship and what are the desires, the projects and expectations for the future of both.
The journey to the darkest cave, to what deeply worries them most, will also bring them to the theme of Elisha’s mother, Aldo’s wife. This woman who has always been the center of their lives is an essential theme during this 5 days journey that will turn their relationship forever.


DIRECTOR | Elia Mouatamid
WITH |  Elia Mouatamid Aldo Mouatamid
PRODUCER | Mauro Rodella, Gianluca Ceresoli, Giorgio Poloni, Graziano Chiscuzzu, Chiara Budano, Pietro Comini
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER | Graziano Chiscuzzu
DOP & 1st CAMERA OPERATOR | Gianluca Ceresoli
2nd CAMERA OPERATOR | Graziano Chiscuzzu
SOUND | Marco Parollo
GAFFER | Stefano Bertoldi
D.I.T. & CAMERA ASSISTANT |Alessio Zanardi
EDITOR | Mauro Rodella
SOUND DESIGN | Matteo Di Simone
ORIGINAL MUSIC | Piernicola Di Muro
COLORIST | Alessio Zanardi
ART DIRECTOR | Giorgio Poloni

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